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About the Designer

Pamela Robinson was born in the mid 70’s to a mother from St. Kitts and a Bahamian-American father. Between her childhood growing up in Miami’s ghettos of Liberty City and Overtown and being the daughter of separated parents, Pamela became all too familiar with life’s share of tribulations. Searching for a creative outlet and being dismayed by the lack of culturally expressive accessories, Pamela’s interest turned to creating fashionable jewelry that mimicked her stylish flavor and unique attitude. This interest gave birth to Naturally Divine Co., a company that creates custom-made, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry that allows women to express their personalities and be the center of attention. As the Chief Creator of Naturally Divine Co., Pamela experiences a sense of joy from giving women “The right to be divine” and express themselves by creating their own personalized fashion statements.